Mademoiselle Blossom : "Ask a French-Flowers" Atelier

Busy prepping the festive Christmas floral season, Mademoiselle Blossom takes you to her florist atelier in Tiong Bahru, Singapore. Where all the magic and the workshops happen. 

  Pressed flowers in Brass frame  Ask a French Flowers  x  Stylodeco

Pressed flowers in Brass frame Ask a French Flowers x Stylodeco

"We believe it is possible to create a home that is both beautiful and nurturing"

This quote is from my friend Hélène, founder of the amazing home decor online brand STYLODECO , lifestyle and interior design passionate. 
We share the same philosophy, and to celebrate our upcoming pop up at Boutique Fairs Singapore (10-12 November), we have created something poetic, modern, effortless chic and unique. Drop by and say Hi if you have time, we'll be in the Green room, the closest to the Singapore Flyer. It's one of the best places to shop for Christmas gifts. 

  Ask a French Flowers Bookmarks

Ask a French Flowers Bookmarks

  Ask a French Flowers Chritsmas Cotton bouquets

Ask a French Flowers Chritsmas Cotton bouquets

Busy busy like a bee, the Christmas spirit is already here in my atelier and I'm already thinking of what we will be using for my upcoming Ask a French Flowers Christmas wreaths workshops starting from November 18th. Pine leaves, flowers able to dry, golden foliages and hummm.... feathers for more fun! The idea is for everyone to express hidden creativity and use unexpected and surprising ornaments. We go wild...

ask a french flowers christmas wreath workshop display
ask a french flowers christmas wreath feathers
ask a french flowers christmas workshop display in vase

The artist I get most of my inspiration from is Pierre-Joseph Redouté. The "Raphael of flowers" was the botanical painter of Marie-Antoinette and later on Joséphine de Beauharnais . He understood everything about flowers and colors. The book of his most beautiful flowers was a gift from my mom and is never far away. It is while turning its pages all over and over again that I got the idea of making little floral bookmarks. 

ask a french flowers pierre joseph redouté rose thé

What would be work without Tea and candles... My favorite scent from Dyptique is "Mousse", It just makes me feel like I'm foraging in a French forest in Autumn. From Cire Trudon, my fav would be "Madurai", I'm just crazy about Jasmine...
I'm lucky enough not having to go back to France all the time to shop those brands as they can be found in one of my favorite shops in town : Escentials.

ask a french flowers flower girl ribbon

Flower arrangements are similar to paintings in the way that you would need to think about which colors to use and where you're going before creating. Ask a French is about flowers and lifestyle in general. I feel that it's important to have different approaches to flowers to keep maintaining the creativity. 
Lately, I've been learning how to draw with Alli K Design. As you see, there is still a long way to go...
My "Chanel" pencil is like a lucky charm, as the brand was my first corporate employer for bouquets

ask a french flowers florist botanical drawings

I think my favorite time of the week is when I prepare the arrangements for my subscribers that receive bouquets on a weekly basis.  Be it for private clients or for MERCI MARCEL, the new French restaurant in Tiong Bahru, I love creating surprising bespoke arrangements matching their lifestyle, tastes and interior design. 

Ask a French Flowers Floral Display 1
ask a french flowers atelier floral display 2
ask a french flowers atelier redouté dried
  ©Shiya Zeng for Delegate

©Shiya Zeng for Delegate

To be honest, being an online florist that specializes in deliveries can make you feel a little bit lonely sometimes. That's why I love so much floral workshops , that's when I get the chance to meet my customers and share the passion. 
I feel less lonely though knowing that I have beside me objects that remind me of my talented friend Marilyn from Eterate.Co and Karman from Wear Oh Where.

  Modern Calligraphy by Eterate.Co

Modern Calligraphy by Eterate.Co

  "Elle n'est pas folle elle est différente" sent by Karman Tse, founder of Wear Oh Where

"Elle n'est pas folle elle est différente" sent by Karman Tse, founder of Wear Oh Where

And music! That keeps the inspiration coming... The songs I've been listening the most to lately are from Juliette Armanet

... And Brigitte (not Macron ;-)

- Sign up for Christmas wreath workhops here
- Come and visit us at Boutique Fairs

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